Restoring Life From The ROOT Up

To fulfil our highest potential, we need energy, mental clarity and a body brimming with vitality and resilience. Few people today can claim to score high in any of those areas, let alone all of them. In order to improve, we tackle problems by their roots and regenerate on all levels of existence.

Are you ready to restore yourself to become the best version of You?


The pathway to complete wellness

We know from experience that there's no quick fix or 'one size fits all' solution to overall health. Rather it is a unique journey that can take time and commitment, and the path may not always be a straight one. But don't worry.

To ensure that you are not walking alone, the ROOT CAUSE EXPERIENCE was created—to help facilitate your start, get you into motion and support you along the way of what could easily become the most exciting and rewarding journey you ever embarked on.

The 3-step approach we suggest: Feel the 3 E's


Explore our comprehensive Resource Library customized to equip you with the knowledge necessary for making positive long-term changes. Gain insights, awareness, and deepen your understanding of how your body works and what you could do to pave the way to a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Empower yourself by taking deliberate and gradual steps towards your goals. Implement the power of the ROOT products to ignite your journey to a new, improved version of yourself. Break free from outdated habits and establish a new, nourishing routine that will propel you towards lasting well-being.


Embrace the support of those, who might be a few steps ahead of you on the journey. Draw from their experience, learn from their mistakes and allow them to navigate you towards an improved version of yourself. ROOT Ambassadors are pretty cool people with open minds and hearts and a shared mission to make this world a better place.

The journey to wholeness starts...

… with releasing what has been causing stress on us and is no longer needed.

In today's world, the amount of stressors we encounter on a daily basis is higher than ever and unfortunately seems to be fast increasing. One of these stressors potentially having a negative impact on our well-being is the different kinds of toxins we are exposed to.

If you find yourself lacking energy, feeling unwell at times, anxious or struggling to focus, you may be experiencing toxin overload.

However, the good news is: It can be easy to reduce your toxic burden.

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Bye Bye, toxic burdens

Clean Slate is ROOT's flagship product that's at the core of a safe, passive approach to restoring life on all levels. Clean Slate is created using a proprietary formulation process and patent-approved technology that assists the body’s natural ability to eradicate potentially harmful stressors from the system.

“We all take the trash out of our home, but we forget to do so in our own body” - Dr Rahm.

Wipe your slate clean and restore yourself from the inside out, paving the way for a fresh start and a happier you.

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Need Personalized Assistance?

ROOT Ambassadors are trained to support others on their restoration journey to complete wellness. Click below to experience first-hand.

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